Golf Pro 2 U Mobile Golf Coaching

What We Use

  • Inflatable Golf Cage - a unique portable net that can be set up in almost any location
  • TrackMan Golf Ball Launch Monitor - the worlds most accurate ball tracking equipment
  • Casio Exilim High Speed Camera - capture the moment of impact with video at up to 1000fps
  • C Swing video analysis software - see your swing frame by frame for the best analysis
  • Leaderboard custom-made hitting station - develop your power and timing for more distance
  • Huxley Putting green - portable and realistic 13ft long to help those score breakers

Our business is based on providing the very best golf coaching and client entertainment, therefore we carefully choose the technology we use in order to satisfy our clients demands. Each product is exceptional in its own right, but used together will create a trully memorable experience.



County Golf Partnerships take golf to Sainsburys using the Golfpro2u Pro Net - Look out for free coaching in your local store

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