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Golf Voucher Validity

Details of the validity of Golf Pro 2 U Golf Vouchers are as follows:

  1. Vouchers for Golfpro2u are only redeemable with Golfpro2u Ltd
  2. Vouchers for lessons with Phil Toomer at Shrewsbury Driving Range are only redeemable with Phil Toomer at Shrewsbury.
  3. Voucher is not redeemable for cash.
  4. Golfpro2u and Phil Toomer golf lesson vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase, up to and including date of expiry as printed on the voucher.
  5. Reservations taken according to availability. At busy times we may offer dates as much as 30 days over validity of voucher.
  6. The validity period will not be extended without express authorisation in writing from the company.
  7. Should the company agree to extend the voucher validity period, this will be limited to, and expire after, a further two calendar months from the original date of voucher expiry.
  8. Should the company agree to extend the voucher then the company will charge and the voucher holder agrees to pay a sum equating to 20% of the price applicable at that time for a golf lesson voucher.
  9. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the voucher be extended for a period in excess of the two months as in note 3 above.
  10. Should a voucher holder fail to redeem the voucher within the six month validity period, and application for voucher extension has not been requested or granted, then the voucher holder agrees that the voucher is forfeit and that he/she has no claim on the company to take the lesson or receive any form of compensation for the lost lesson, financial or otherwise.


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