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Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation / no show of a reservation tuition playing vouchers: if you have made a reservation and can no longer attend on agreed date a cancellation fee of £10 is payable to keep voucher valid for the rest of the period of validity identified on voucher otherwise the voucher ceases to be valid. If you fail, for any reason, to use reservations our commitment to you has been fulfilled.
  2. The company undertakes subject to 4. below, to honour it's obligation to a voucher holder to provide a golf lesson subject to the conditions herein.
  3. Bookings may not be cancelled due to inclement weather unless the driving range/golf course is closed due to inclement weather.
  4. Should the company deem it unsafe or unsuitable for a golf lesson to go ahead on the grounds of inclement weather, or on any grounds as determined by the company above, notwithstanding point 8 of our Terms of Sale (voucher validity), the voucher holder shall be entitled to reschedule at their own and the company's convenience.
  5. Should the voucher holder cancel a golf lesson voucher booking on the day of the booked golf lesson, or fail to turn up for the scheduled golf lesson, then the voucher holder agrees that the voucher is forfeit and that he/she has no claim on the company to take the golf lesson or receive any form of compensation for the lost golf lesson, financial or otherwise.
  6. Should the voucher holder cancel a scheduled golf lesson voucher booking at any time prior to the day of the scheduled booking, the company reserves the right in its absolute discretion to apply charges as the company sees fit appropriate to the company's degree of inconvenience.


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